Barebarics Zing

Barebarics Zing Review The Barebarics Zing sneaker has a trendy design that goes well with any casual or casual-elegant look. It’s zero drop and has a wide toe box, but the slightly thicker sole makes it perfect for barefoot beginners.

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Be Lenka Champ

Be Lenka Champ Review Be Lenka Champ is a trendy looking sneaker that will keep you comfortable during your urban adventures. It’s breathable, light and flexible; perfect for everyday wear.

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Mukishoes Courage

Mukishoes Courage Review The Mukishoes Courage high-tops are a lovely combination of fun, cute and comfortable. Perfect for spring!

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Aintap Sneakers and Oxford Shoes

Aintap Sneakers and Oxford Shoes Review Aintap is a Turkish brand, known for handmade shoes made of high-quality leather. They offer a variety of styles and colours, with their sneakers and Oxford shoes being among the most favoured.

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Shapen Feelin Chic and Feelin Uni

Shapen Feelin Chic and Feelin Uni Review Shapen Feelin Chic and Feelin Uni are sneakers with a classic design, each with it’s own special features. The Feelin Chic is more feminine, while the Feelin Uni is more minimalistic. Both models are available in vegan and leather versions.

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